Wisdom is understanding of the self, others, and the nature of things; it is essential to  living as if everything is a miracle.
Ginseng is the king of the herbs. Get your healthy herbs tips.
Make your own healthy saliva, and use it to enhance your health.
Start your day with your healthy morning rituals.
Alzheimer's is not a death sentence. It is preventable and treatable. Get your Alzheimers tips.
Do you know that your sleep posture may affect how well you sleep?
Get your healthy soups.
Understand the wisdom of letting go to let God, and be happy.
Wisdom in living is living  in the NOW.
Use Oprah's words of wisdom as you continue your life journey to reach its final destination.
Mindfulness is your own pathway to understanding and human wisdom.
A compulsive mind is not a healthy mind. Get your tips to still your mind.
Get the essentials of Tao wisdom from the immortal ancient classic on wisdom.
Health is all about your conscious of breathing right.
Get centenarian tips to live to 100 and beyond -- if you just don't die!
Become older and wiser -- but only with a good memory.
Wisdom in living is non-judgmental living.
Walking is more than just a physical exercise; use walking to increase wisdom!
Get the wisdom from presidential election, and live your life with a reverse mindset.
Do some simple things for eye relaxation for better vision!
Count on God, not yourself; count your blessings, not your crosses. Nothing is lost!
Make your own healthy immune system drink. It's simple and easy!
Get more for less, and not less for more. No over-doing!
Get your healthy liver tips. Your liver reflects how well you have lived.
No stress! No worry! No anxiety! Nothing lasts!
No man is an island: we're all connected with one another for better relationships.
Glaucoma treatment: it's more than just eye drops or surgery.
Mother Teresa's wisdom words are more than just spiritual wisdom.
Face Engineering Exercise is an alternative to plastic surgery. Look younger for longer.
Happiness wisdom is profound understanding of what happiness is.
Get wisdom from asking questions and seeking answers.
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                Quote to Reflect On
“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” Alexander Pope 

The New Year’s resolution should be: Do what you can with what you have, but with no expectations! In life, everything follows a natural order.

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Wise Parents Smart Kids Tips on how to make your smart kids super smart!
Health is wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul; their alignment with one another is the art of living well.